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Some recent weddings


Debbie wins a Silver Medal at Chelsea

After competing in national heats Debbie was one of the top 16 in the country who were invited to take part in the RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year competition. Just to compete in the final competition at Chelsea is an incredible achievement as each designer had to go through UK heats and be judged as the creme de la creme of the UK Chelsea heat contestants to receive their invitations.

The theme was to design a headdress to be worn at a Brazilian Carnival. Debbie was delighted to be awarded a silver medal at probably the most famous flowers show in the world.

 The world class judges said " the design was of such a high standard particularly in design, technique, use of colour and exceptional use of plant and flower material.


Debbie wins a Silver Medal at Chelsea

Interesting facts about Mother's Day

Mother's Day is nearly here, that means it's time to get organised with your card and gift. Your Mum is one of the most special people in your life.Remember that time you were brokenhearted we bet it was your Mum right there beside you with the tissues, the hug ,maybe some chocolate.What about when you were ill, bet it was your Mum who acted as nurse and got you back to felling better. Mum's deserve to be celebrated on Mother's Day and enjoy one day of the year when they don't have to lift a finger.

Mothering Sunday as it is traditionally called fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent. During the 1600's in the UK many children worked away from home in service from the tender age of 10. They would be allowed to return to their families on this day often picking flowers from the hedgerows as a gift for their Mum. Most people attended their Mother church on this day so it was one of the few times families spent together.

As with many traditions it started with the Greeks. While the traditions and celebrations associated with Mother's Day have their own histories, the custom of celebrating motherhood comes from the Greeks. They held a spring time festival to honour their Mother of Gods, Rhea. The Romans also had a similar ceremony celebrating their equivalent the Magna Mater.

50 different countries celebrate Mother's Day , many hold their celebrations in May but Yugoslavia marks the occasion in December.Traditionally in Yugoslavia children creep into their Mum's bedroom early in the morning and tie her up!! She is not released until she gives out small gifts.

In almost every country and every language the word for Mother or Mum begins with the letter M.

Don't let this put you off but Hitler,known for many atrocities loved Mother's Day. When in power he placed great emphasis on the celebrating of Mothers in Germany.It is still a day of celebration.

Simnel Sunday is another name for Mothering Sunday when young girls in service usually baked a simnel cake to take home for their Mums. Here in Scotland and the north of England it was called Carling Sunday when panckes where made with steeped carlin peas, fried in butter and served with salt and pepper.

Mother's Day beats Valentine's Day for the number of bouquets sold as flowers are one of the most popular gifts.

Mother's Day celebrates motherhood and the woman who gave you life and raised you, make this year's Mother's Day extra special and spoil her rotten !

Announcing a new arrival....

N e w   R a n ge   of   C h o c o l a t e s


We are so excited by this range of chocolates delivered in time for Valentine's Day.

Guppy's chocolates from York are a husband and wife team, and as you can see from the photo occasionally their children, who make the most wonderful artisan handmade chocolates using the finest ingredients and fresh cream and butter. We can reliably inform you that these chocolates are some of the finest we have ever tasted and a certain person who shall remain nameless thinks she is a bit of a choccy aficionado! Boxes of truffles are available in sixes and twelves and we also have the cutest lollipops and bags of little hearts.

These will only be available to buy in the shop or by phone as we expect them to sell really, really quickly.




Christmas evening class

Had a great evening with these lovely ladies last night making door wreaths. We have another class tomorrow, a full day on Sunday and another evening on Thursday. There are a couple of spaces left. Please call if you would like to join us.

Christmas Trees

We have opened a pop up shop just two doors down selling Christmas Trees.

They are premium quality Nordman firs and locally grown by a real fanatic !

The trees are available in 5-6, 6-8 and 8-10 feet and we are pleased to say they are selling fast.

Nordman Fir are great for needle retention and these are real beauties.

Christmas candles and more

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